Guiding you forward to your goals from quite literally anywhere on the face of the planet!!.


My VIP coaching package is a state of the art online PERSONAL COACHING at its absolute finest This is a fully personalised nutrition and training plan designed to get to your goals as quickly and optimally as possible.

  • Weight loss
  •  Muscle Building
  • Toning
  • Bodybuilding and Physique Competition Preparation
  • Photo Shoot Preparation
  • Wedding Preparation
  • Build Confidence
  • Increase Health
  • Increased Fitness
  • General Well being

My approach is an informed evidence-based one with just a sprinkling of my 25 years of anecdotal experience thrown in meaning I have already made the mistakes so you don’t have too and focuses on biomechanics, Nutritional science and of course your psychological and mental wellbeing.

Strength is not just about muscle it’s about discipline, overcoming barriers and perseverance and these require you to be strong not just in your body but your mind too. Remember it’s not all about aesthetics it’s about health, wellbeing and living a good life in a sustainable manner.

I will work closely with you to tailor the very best bespoke training programme based on your individual needs and personal objectives which will be totally realistic and 100% achievable

So what is included in this coaching package

  •  Initial Skype/Facetime consultation with Danny to discuss your current lifestyle, needs and goals so i can formulate the most optimal plan to get you to your goal quickly.
  • Goal Setting-a plan is nothing without a final destination so we will discuss where you want to be using the S.M.A.R.T system.
  • Bespoke Individual Training Program- I will design to you a full training program specific to your individual situation.
  • Weekly Check in with Video Feedback so you know exactly what areas need attention and what changes you can make to fix them.
  • Full Bespoke Nutritional programming so you know exactly what to eat and when.
  • Nutritional Education enabling you to make educated food choices for you and your
    family long after we stop working together.
  • State of The Art Online Coaching Software enabling you to access your full training and nutrition program from your smartphone anywhere on the planet.
  • Informed Evidence Based Supplement protocol
  • Full Recipe book so you never get stuck for meal ideas.

VIP Online Gold

  • Initial Consultation to discuss goals
  • Full Nutritional Analysis
  • Managed Bespoke Meal Plan
  • Bespoke Training Program
  • Access to Online Training Software Via Smartphone app
  • Access to Detailed Nutrition and Habit Tracking Portal
  • email Support 7 days a week
  • Direct messaging via smartphone app.
  • Weekly Check In Via Email
  • Recipe Books
  • Eating out guides

£197 per month

Absolutely 100% recommend him...

I have been coached by Danny for 5 months and I can honestly say it’s an eye opener , professionalism , masses of knowledge and programmes that are sustainable .we are heading into month 6 and 11 weeks away from show day and I am ecstatic with the changes he’s made to my physique in those few months . This isn’t a short term thing for me , I fully intend to have a proper off season under Danny’s wing and see just how much further we go .Your health and well-being is a priority it’s not something to mess with , do yourself a favour and get a coach who knows what they are doing , who continually improves and up-skills them self in order to benefit YOU the client . Absolutely 100% recommend him .

Liz //  BNBF Masters Figure Athlete...

Changed my Life..

Completely honest assessment of what you need to do to get sorted - not sugar coated, which can be challenging if unused to it but DEFINITELY worth hanging in there for it if you want to push your boundaries/comfort zone and get fit - Requires EFFORT FROM YOU- and I should know I take aeons to shift into better behaviour- patient and kind/sense of humour with it - but tells it like it is!! Highly recommended and reasonable rates/commitment from D.W - AMAZING!