The principle that some foods are GOOD,

And some are BAD, is madness. If you ate something like a battered mars bar once a month, what would the effect be on your weight management goals??

Answer = NONE. None whatsoever.

Now I’m not for one minute recommending that you go out and do this, but the actual effect in this clearly over the top example is negligible.
Here’s why:
Let’s say to maintain weight, a standard woman in the UK who was moderately active day-to-day, and exercised very little, could eat around the 2000cal mark.

Over 1 month (30 days lets say) the total cals they can consume without gaining or losing weight would be 60,000 calories.

A battered mars bar is likely to come in the area of 600 cals. So if you had on once a month, this would LITERALLY BE A HUNDREDTH of the total calorie allowance.

Now, lets say you had 2x per week.

This comes in at a hefty 4800 cals dedicated to battered mars bars.
8% of the total cals for the month are now coming from this area, that’s a lot of saturated fat, sugar, and essentially useless cals that could be better spent elsewhere!
Is the FOOD itself ‘Bad’?
We have already established a way of consuming these really poor quality treats once a month without any effect on results/health whatsoever??

It’s not the food’s fault for being ‘bad’- it’s OUR fault for consuming poorer quality nutrition choices too regularly.
Understand this, and let it sink in as much as you can. It’s very important, and here’s the reason why-

When you refer to cake as ‘bad’ for you, treats, snacks, biscuits, chocolate, crisps, whatever your ‘treat’ food is…

You have a NEGATIVE relationship with that food.

Every time you consume that food you think it’s BAD, so there for you FEEL bad,

You get upset with yourself,

And the downward spiral begins.


And what happens with anything you tell yourself you can’t have?? You want it 10x more.

So you end up eating it more than if you actually introduced it into your food/drink intakes sporadically throughout your journey!

This is when having a 99 cal Ice lolly with the kids at the weekend, results in a 3000cal bottle of wine and a takeaway!!

Just because in your head lolly’s are ‘BAD’ and you’ve been ‘naughty’???!!

Calling foods ‘Good for you’ and ‘Bad for you’ creates poor relationships with foods in my experience.

You can have almost ANYTHING on the planet food-wise in the correct amounts, and still achieve amazing goals with your body composition and weight management.

Providing that it all fits with your calorie, protein, fat, carb, and micronutrient (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fiber… 5 a day stuff basically).  It’s absolutely fine.

I’m a nutritionist and I had a Drumstick sweet yesterday. I had a pizza toasty with mozzarella cheese 2 days ago.

Am I BAD for having sweets and pizza foods??

Should I beat myself up?

Not at all! My total calorie intakes, and all of the above were fully in check, so why can’t I?

Has no effect in reality whatsoever.

On the flip side I’m NOT suggesting that having 4 bottles of wine is ok just because ‘you have a better relationship with food and drink’ now…  Lol.

But starving yourself of treats and calling yourself ‘BAD’ for having the odd snack will actually result more often than not in overconsumption of foods,

The complete opposite of what you were trying to achieve.

Hope this helps anyone out there understand their relationship with food in a little more detail today, and potentially help you avoid the majority of your downward spirals from here…

You know where I am when you are ready

Danny Wilson